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How to claim MDT token?

We only hold the debt responsibility towards individuals who possess MDT tokens. MDT tokens serve as the sole proof of debt and are obtained voluntarily. If you transfer MDT tokens to others in any form after claiming them, the debt responsibility is likewise transferred to the individuals holding the MDT tokens.
MDT (Mixin Debt Token) has been distributed and requires manual claiming. Please follow the steps below for the specific procedure:

Search for the migration bot

Search the bot ID "7000104743" for Safe Network Migration and open the debt page.

Claim the debt token

Scenario 1: If the total value of debt tokens migrated before 00:00 UTC on Jan 30, 2024, is less than or equal to $100, you can choose to exchange the debt directly for XIN tokens at a rate of $210/XIN. Alternatively, you can choose to claim MDT tokens normally.

Please note that you only have one chance to make a choice between XIN and MDT tokens, and once claimed, it cannot be changed!
Only debt amounts migrated before the specified date and totaling $100 or less have the option to choose XIN tokens. Debts migrated after this date cannot be exchanged for XIN.

Scenario 2: Normal claiming the debt token value is greater than $100, you can directly choose to claim MDT tokens.

You will receive as many transfers as there are transaction records on the bond page.

Updated on: 25/03/2024