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How to add contacts?

You can find 3 ways to add contacts by clicking the Avatar > Add Contact :

Add by Mixin ID or Phone number

If you already know the Mixin ID, you can input and search it directly to add it:

If you know the other party's cell phone number, you can also enter it directly. If the other party's cell phone number belongs to the same country or region as the cell phone number you used to register for Mixin, you can search for the cell phone number; if it belongs to a different country or region, please follow the format of + country/region code cell phone number to search, for example, you are registering for Mixin using a Chinese cell phone number and your friend uses a U.S. cell phone number, then you need to enter +11231231234 to search.

Add by Phone Contacts

Invite your friends by selecting Add by Phone Contacts and noting that you need to authorize Mixin to access your Contacts first:

If you still cannot see the contact list, please note the following conditions:

Make sure someone in your phone contacts is using Mixin Messenger.
The contact on your Mixin may have privacy protection turned on, preventing others from finding them by phone number.
Make sure you allow Mixin Messenger to access your cell phone address book.

Please note: You can disable Mixin's access to your phone's address book at any time: Phone Settings > Mixin > Contacts here; you can also delete your synchronized contacts at any time, please refer to the documentation for details.

Add by QR code

Tap it to get your QR code, and you can share it with other people or click the scan icon to scan other's QR codes:

There are other places to invoke a Mixin camera:
1. At the bottom of the home page, you can find the QR code to turn on the camera scanning;
2. If the QR code is from a session, you can long press the screen for 2 - 3 seconds after the image is full screen to recognize the QR code.

Updated on: 21/11/2023