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How to migrate assets from the old wallet to the new one?

Mixin Network went live with a more secure, Safe-based network at the end of October 2023. In order to accommodate the newly upgraded network, Mixin Messenger has released a new version 1.0.0, and you will automatically be enabled for the wallet on the new system after this upgrade.

After this upgrade, your wallet will be automatically enabled on the new system. Don't panic when you find the balance is zero, you need to manually migrate the assets from your old wallet to the new one after the upgrade!

Steps for migrating assets

Open the wallet

Click on the blue alert bar at the top of the wallet "You have unmigrated assets, click to start the migration" to proceed to the migration steps:

If you cannot find the blue alert bar on the wallet, please find the migration bot manually:
Search for the migration bot
Search the bot ID "7000104743" for Safe Network Migration and open the debt page.

The first time you open the migration page, it will ask for authorization

Migrate the assets
Select one asset and confirm the amount;

Complete the migration
After inputting the PIN to confirm the migration operation, you will find it on the new wallet.

Only one asset can be migrated at a time, requiring you to repeat the steps if you have multiple assets.

Updated on: 05/02/2024