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How to use Mornin Key to create Mixin Safe?


Download & Install Mornin Key

App Store
Google Play Store

As Mornin Key was recently launched on the app store, you can install them freely via the URLs below:

TestFlight(For iOS users)
APK(For Android users)

Download & Install Mixin messenger

App Store
Google Play Store

Invite members

Follow the instructions on the Safe website and invite your members to install Mixin Messenger. Please also remind them to log into Mixin Safe Dashboard by scanning the QR code.

Create your Safe

Tap the Safe tab on the left sidebar after logging into the Dashboard, then click + New Safe to create it.

Name your Safe and select a network; Mixin Safe supports Bitcoin and Litecoin networks. Here we take Litecoin as an example:

Then tap the Next button to save the info.

Confirm the Owner

Select Mornin Key as the private key wallet when setting up the Owner

Open the Mornin Key app to scan the QR code and confirm

Set up Members and Threshold

Threshold means how many member(s) to confirm a transaction.

Upgrade the Plan
Mixin Safe is a paid service, and you need to purchase a plan to continue:

The testnet price is as follows; you can upgrade the plan at any time you need:

The refund is not available after the purchase.

Confirm the creation
After successfully purchasing the plan, you can tap the Create button to complete the creating procedure.

Active the Safe
Scan the QR code via Mornin Key to approve


You can now top-up assets to the address!

Updated on: 15/08/2023